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スポットランキング 第1位を受賞

Colorful Tulips
Step into the place filled with blooms.
You will be excited by the view of Spring in Nethserlands-like. 
Awesome view, cute-looking sweets  and live music awakning your body and mind. 
You feel like spring is here. 

Colorful Spring to enjoy with five senses

The panoramic flower field that is picture-perfect from every angle. 

MAP-B Flower Road

The more you walk through the park, the more Photogenic sceneries you meet.  A field of tulips and an exotic windmils. Contrast between the blue sky and carpet of flowers. It will captivate not only your eyes but also your heart.

EnjoyLive music performed in Tulip field. 

Live music performed in the colorful flower garden. Enjoy and spend the time with exotic atmosphere surrounded by coloful tulips and beautiful live music. 

Cute-looking sweets to add colors to Tulip field.  

Colorful sweets to add colors to tulip field. Every sweet is unique and delicious that you can't stop smiling. Walking in the park with our special sweets makes your Spring time perfect. 

B-1 BLUEPRINT Price: 1,300 yen

In a town where tulips are in full bloom
wrapped in cuteness

City of Flowers
Miffy Celebration

2024.3/15 (Friday) - 6/30 (Sunday)

 At "Flower Town" where seasonal flowers are in full bloom. Let's celebrate Miffy's cuteness, and enjoy Japan's largest Miffy event! 

It is like Spring in Europe I have longed to visit.

Spectacular view of flowersthroughout the park that you'll never forget

Color of tulips cover the beautiful cityscape during spring time. You will find picture-like views throughout the park that will make you smile.  Enjoy the variety of tulips in your way! 


The field is covered by Huis Ten Bosch Original Tulips

The original tulips that bear the name "Huis Ten Bosch" cover the area like a flower carpet.  Approximately 100,000 of tulips, making an impressive sight.
Flowering Period: Mid-March to early April (tentative)

Near D-2 Attraction Town Bastion

Palace Huis Ten Bosch

Palace Huis Ten Bosch

Filled with colorful tulips

Palace Huis Ten Bosch, where a faithful recreation of a Dutch palace, colorful tulips add to the exotic atmosphere. A beautifully designed garden is a unique space.
Flowering period: Mid-March to early April (tentative)

K-21 Palace Huis Ten Bosch

Flower Square

Seasonal flowers and shows
Center of the Park

If you take a photo in front of the object surrounded by tulips, it will become an unforgettable memory. There will also be exciting shows on stage.

G-14 Amsterdam Square

in the square
Celebrate the arrival of the season

Maypole dance

2024.3/15 (Friday) - 6/30 (Sunday)

A festival of fertility that has been passed down to Europe. Celebrate the arrival of the season while enjoying the maypole dance while weaving colorful ribbons.

G-14 Amsterdam Square

Experience World-Class Illumination Spectacular!

A Night When the World Shines in White.

Silvery-White Wonderland

2024.1/13 (Sat) - 3/10 (Sun)

During this period, the streetscape of Huis Ten Bosch changes completely. The tulips are also lit up with a dazzling pure white sparkle, creating an even more magical sight. It brings an overwhelming emotional experience.

~白銀の世界 点灯式~はご好評につき

From March 15th, the Spring illuminations will be presented. Enjoy a romantic night surrounded by dazzling lights.

Night Tulip

2024.2/9 (Friday) - 4/7 (Sunday)

The tulip field at night turns into a completely different world, where you will  discover another charm of tulips, which only be seen at night.


Spring Special Fireworks Show


Spring Special Fireworks Show

With large fireworks lighting up the spring night sky, have a special time.

3/16 (Sat), 23 (Sat), 30 (Sat)

Fireworks special seating from 1,000 yen

A fireworks display with the theme of "Spring" that was designed by skilled fireworks masters. where you can enjoy the skills of a highly skilled fireworks craftsman. The brilliant spring-colored fireworks and music will make the night sky even more dazzling, adding sparkle to your spring night memories.


Viewing dazzling white lights in European cityscape from room window, 
listening live music in the lobby,
gazing out at the canal from terrace and 
enjoy hotels' fine dinings.
Stay in our official hotels and blend into the beautiful Silvery-White Wonderland.

Hotel Europe

A premium hotel, the highest class of hotels on site.
The gorgeous designer room is also recommended for girls' trips. You can also enjoy an Yuga check-in on a cruiser exclusively for guests.

Hotel Amsterdam

Located in the center of Huis Ten Bosch, convenient to go anywhere in the park. All rooms are 45㎡or more, spacious for family vacation. One of the features is the room where you can enjoy the park illumination from the room window.

Forest Villa

 Two-story Cottages surrounded by trees and a pond. With a living room on the first floor and two separate bedrooms on the second floor, the Cottages offer a comfortable stay.

Hotel Den Haag

A resort hotel located on the ocean front and surrounded by comfortable tranquility. Relax in a modern European-style room with a choice of ocean, forest, or park views.

Hotel Rotterdam

A casual hotel where you can enjoy playful modern art  throughout the hotel, including the photo-worthy lobby and colorful promenade.



Gourmet dishes with full of cuteness has arrived.
Please enjoy our spring gourmet food available for a limited time only.



Flower crowns decorated with tulips, strawberry castella, etc.
Full of must-have items for girls' trips.

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