Huis Ten Bosch Educational Trip



Stay in a beautiful location to deepen your enjoyable memories.

Forest Villa

Cottages surrounded by forests and lakes

Cottages of forests and lakes that looks like a fairy tale world.
It is a two-story building with a living room on the first floor where you can talk with your friends and two separate bedrooms on the second floor. The theme park zone is a few minutes' walk away.
* Consultation required when boarding a group bus

Number of rooms 99 buildings (capacity of 4 people) * 5 of them are dog villas
Basic capacity 376 people (consultation required for the number of students who can accept school trips)
Terms of use 1st floor living room 2nd floor twin bedroom x 2 rooms Basic capacity of 4 people
* Jerseys and sweatshirts cannot be worn outside hotel rooms
Room equipment Hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush, hair dryer, mineral water, shave, pajamas (gown)
Breakfast venue トロティネ

Hotel Rotterdam


アートの街『ロッテルダム」をモチーフにしたカジュアルホテル。 アートに満ちたロビーやカラフルな遊歩道などホテル全体でモダンアートを体感できます。

Number of rooms 200 rooms
Basic capacity 416 people (consultation required for school trip acceptance)
Terms of use 原則として、1室3名~4名様ご利用となります。 ※ホテル客室以外でのジャージ・スウェット着用不可
Room equipment リンスインシャンプー・ボディソープ・フォームソープ・バスタオル フェイスタオル・クシ・歯ブラシ・ドライヤー・電気ケトル・マグカップ 冷蔵庫・パジャマ・スリッパ・くし・髭剃り
Breakfast venue レストラン オーラ-AURA-

Hotel Den Haag

美しく穏やかなオーシャンフロントに建つホテルデンハーグ。 海辺のホテルで特別なリゾートステイを体験して下さい。

Number of rooms 228 rooms
Basic capacity 25 to 160 (up to 149 students)
Capacity 2 to 3 people per room
Room equipment Bath towel, face towel, slippers, comb, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush, hair dryer, mineral water, pajama (gown) tea set
dining room 宴会場:マーキス&バロン/デューク