Huis Ten Bosch Educational Trip



Since its opening, we have been proactively working on environmental conservation projects and promoting the achievement of SDGs. There are many hands-on learning contents such as environmental equipment tours and English conversations in the park. Itineraries that include Nagasaki City's peace studies are also possible.

Have many faces,
A lecture to get a deeper understanding of Huis Ten Bosch, a tourist business city.

SDGs Lecture / Huis Ten Bosch Lecture

In this lecture, we will introduce how Huis Ten Bosch Huis Ten Bosch was born from its predecessor "Holland Village", its founding philosophy, changes in management strategy, and the current park management efforts after many twists and turns.

A city that coexists with nature. Learn environmental protection technology at Huis Ten Bosch.

Environmental learning

Environmental facilities (sewage treatment plant, common ditch) have been in place since opening in 1992. Guided tours are available for these facilities. In recent years, we have newly installed solar power generation and wind power generation systems. Guided tours are available for these facilities.

Learn English as if you were studying abroad.

English conversation

You can tour the facilities of Huis Ten Bosch with native speakers (mainly Americans) and have a live English conversation experience even in situations where it is difficult to travel abroad.

If you want to be a global human resource, table manners are a universal rule.

Table manners

Hotel and banquet service staff will explain table manners while you actually eat French cuisine. Why don't you learn how to care for people who eat together before you become a member of society?