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HUIS TEN BOSCH Visitor guide


Guide to Admission Tickets. Premium Passport, Discount Ticket, and Group Ticket.

Student group admission fee

This is the price for educational trips such as school trips.

Schools and facilities eligible for Education Tour Passport
・Schools approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, secondary schools, universities, technical colleges, schools for the blind, schools for the deaf, schools for the disabled, and kindergartens
*Branch schools, part-time schools, and correspondence schools at the above-mentioned facilities are also eligible.

- Licensed childcare facilities (nursery schools) approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the following facilities stipulated by the Child Welfare Act.
Nursery schools, certified childcare facilities linked to preschools, child welfare facilities, child care facilities, facilities for handicapped children, child development support centers, child psychological treatment facilities, child independence support facilities

  • * There is no Education Tour Passport December 31st.

Operation regarding entry and exit for school trips from May 8, 2023

1. We asked that ticket explanations, distribution, and explanations inside the park be limited to the inside of the bus that is used before admission, but this will be abolished.
2. We will abolish the group exclusive gate for school trips that was set up to avoid crowds. guests on school excursions will have the same entrance route as general guests.
3. When leaving the park, the area near the departure general store "Schiphol" is likely to be crowded with many general guests. In order to prevent accidents and troubles and to ensure smooth passage, please meet at a large space other than the entrance/exit of the Departure General Store "Schiphol" or inside the bus you are using.

Rate for Education Tour

Education Tour Passport

Admission for only one day + Attractions as many times as you like

university student
4,500 yen

Junior high/high school students
3,800 yen

Elementary school student
2,500 yen

4,500 yen

Education Tour
  Re-entry passport

1DAY passport for next day admission to Official Hotels

Target hotel

  • Forest Villa
  • Hotel Rotterdam
  • Hotel Den Haag
  • Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch
  • Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch

1,500 yen

  • * If you are admitted as a group, we will prepare an admission ticket, guide map, meal card, etc. in advance before arrival to shorten time Please apply in advance using this application form.

Details of tickets

  • * About re-entry
    Re-entry is possible. When exiting, get re-entry hand stamp on your back hand at Schipole souvenir store located exit area. Present admission ticket and the stamp when re-entring at Welcome Gate. 
  • * Please note that refunds will not be acceptable and will not be reissued if you lost it.​ ​
  • * Please note that ticket issued before 2011 will not be available since March 1, 2016.