Huis Ten Bosch Educational Trip



With regard to "fire prevention, disaster prevention, lifesaving" and "hiyari hatto", we have taken measures that exceed the legal level, and have a support system for important trips as a safe and secure facility.

Facility environment

  1. Because it is a managed space, it is well received that it is easy for the teacher to keep an eye on it.
  2. We regularly conduct fire prevention, disaster prevention, and lifesaving training, including preparations for emergencies.
  3. 24 time security staff and nurses are stationed during Opening Times to prepare for emergencies. We also provide first-line support for guests who are injured or sick. We will request an external ambulance for guests with serious injuries (injuries).
  4. We are cooperating closely with related organizations and making thorough preparations.

Fire prevention / Disaster prevention / Lifesaving

  1. Install AEDs at 25 locations within the facility (arrangements that must exist within a radius of 100M). All 1,200 staff members have taken first aid courses (as of September 2021, all staff members have completed the course. Regular courses have been held since then.)
  2. More than 100 staff members have taken the fire prevention and disaster prevention manager training course (100 will complete by the summer of 2021)
  3. A safe system that protects the safety of the city.


Lifesaving class

First aid room

On-site patrol

Near Miss accident

To improve the risk prediction ability and prevent accidents and disasters, the staff is always watching the detection of abnormalities in the facility.

Neighboring medical institutions

The name of the hospital Street address contact information Corresponding department
Kuriya Internal Medicine 2217-1 Sashikatacho 0956-58-7888 Internal medicine
Aso Gastroenterology Surgery Clinic 29-5 Hario Higashimachi 0956-58-4360 InternalMedicineOrthopedicsPediatricsDermatology
Hirakawa Orthopedic Surgery Haiki 1-16-29 0956-38-1177 Orthopedics
Moriyama Pediatrics Haiki 1-13-17 0956-38-2345 Internal MedicinePediatrics
Kaneuji Pediatrics Hirota 3-17-25 0956-39-2030 Pediatrics
Taniguchi Ophthalmology Hirota 1-6-19 0956-39-1341 Ophthalmology
Yamasaki Otolaryngology Hirota 3-15-15 0956-39-2833 Otorhinolaryngology
Matsumoto Neurosurgery Hirota 1-10-7 0956-39-1157 Out of the brain
Kyorin Hospital

* Possible during rotation turn

Sanaecho 491-14 0956-38-3373 Internal medicineSurgeryOrthopedicsOut of the brain

Municipal emergency clinic (night, holidays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)

5-1 Takasago-cho, Sasebo-shi

Mon-Sat (20: 00-23: 00): Internal Medicine, Pediatrics
Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (10: 00-18: 00): Internal Medicine, Pediatrics
Sundays and public holidays (10: 00-18: 00): Surgery
* Reception / visit required at least 15 minutes before the end of medical treatment

Public institution under jurisdiction

Public institution name Street address contact information
Haiki Police Station 136 Katsuumicho, Sasebo City 0956-39-0110
Sasebo City East Fire Station 1-15-20 Hirota, Sasebo City 0956-38-2519
Sasebo City Health Center 5-1 Takasago-cho, Sasebo-shi 0956-24-1111