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HUIS TEN BOSCH Visitor guide

Convenient services

If you have a problem, click here

Information Center serves as a contact point for various requests and consultations.

Name Service The details
 Information Center,
Central Information Center
guide Feel free to ask about Attractions
Lost child Contact Center for lost child. 
Breastfeeding room Room available for feeding your baby.
Wheelchair rental  Wheelchairs are available for rent on a first-come first-service basis. 
* The number is limited.
Lost and Found Contact Center for Lost and Found.
 Information Center Temporary Keeping  We temporarily keeping tickets for companions.
Lounge Lounge available for the guests feeling sick. 

Easy for heavy luggage

Coin lockers are available inside and outside the park. Porter service from the hotel is also available.

Coin locker
Porter service

Coin locker

Place (inside) Welcome gate (immigration)
Canal Station Welcome Area
Next to Cheese Waag
Near the The Castle of Sweets
Stud house
Canal Station Tower City
Marine Terminal
Price From 300 yen to 500 yen

Temporary baggage storage

Location Next to the Farewell Gate exit Yamato Transport Counter 
Price 800 yen / per luggage

Porter service (between designated locations) 

Designated section
  • Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam

  • Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch, Hotel Okura Jr Huis Ten Bosch
Time 8:30~11:00
Price 500 yen / per luggage

Inside the Marine Terminal before the welcome gate (entry)

Location Hotel reception
Price free

Baggage cart

Hand-operated carts are available for the guests travelling with Japan Railway.
*Cannot be used inside the park.

Available Locations
  • Huis Ten Bosch Wellcome Gate 
  • Hotel Okura Jr Huis Ten Bosch
  • Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch
  • Huis Ten Bosch Hotels' baggage Center 
  • JR Huis Ten Bosch Station
Price free

Shipping Service 

Shipping Counter

Available Locations Amsterdam City "The Castle of Cheese" and  next to Schiphol Farewell Gate.
Price -

When you feel sick or injured

First Aid facility is available in the center of the park.

Name First Aid Facility
Service contents The first aid room of Huis Ten Bosch.
 Nurse is available  from 10:00 to 21:00.
Location Amsterdam City

About the use of the first aid facility

  1. Nurses are available from 10:00 to 21:00 hours. Host crew members will respond when nurses are not available.
    * The hours may be subject to change. 
  2. We offer first aid for minor injuries. Since no doctor is available, medical practice is not possible. In addition, we cannot provide medicines. We will guide you to hospitals and pharmacies as needed.
  3. If treatment such as self-injection or peritoneal dialysis is required, the user is responsible for the treatment. The nurse cannot take any action. (In addition, please take medical waste such as syringes and needles with you and dispose of them properly.)
  4. There are plenty of trees and flowers in the park. In case  you got a splinter in your body, please notify host crews nearby. The crews are able to provide you with sanitiser and tweezer. Please note that they are unable to offer you a treatment. You will have to remove it by yourself or ask your accompanies, but nurses are able to help you in many ways.   
  5. You may have to wait when there are many users. We will give priority to the one in poor condition.
  6. Please refrain from occupying a bed for long hours. In case you cannot recover from bad condition, we may recommend that you visit a nearby hospital or call paramedics .
  7. In the case you have a fever, rash, frequent vomiting or diarrhea, we recommend that you visit a nearby hospital or call parademics. In order to prevent secondary infections, we may ask you to refrain from entering or using our facilities. Thank you for your understanding.

AED in an emergency

AEDs are installed throughout the park. In case of an emergency, please contact your our host crew nearby.

Name AED installation location
Location Welcome Gate (Entry), Schiphol (Exsit), Hotel Rotterdam, Huis Ten Bosch Natural Hot Springs, Adventure Park Reception, Castella Castle, Vondel, Fantasia Cafe in the Forest, Hotel Amsterdam, First Aid Room, The Castle of Cheese, Domtoren, Hotel Europe, Castelo de Seafood and Porcelain, Forest Villa, Hotel Den Haag, Jurassic Island
*Also available at Hotel Okura and Hotel Nikko.

We keep the park safe!

We are located in Amsterdam City, Center of the park.  We keep the park safe.

Police car
Fire engine
Name Service contents Location
Security We operate 24 hours to keep the park safe. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. Amsterdam City
Emergency Service In case of an emergency, we offer you an ambulance service. Amsterdam City

ATM in the park.

It is located at the Wellcome Gate (immigration) and in the city center of Amsterdam City.

Name ATM spots
Service contents There are two ATM machines located in the park for your convenience.
Location ●Welcome Gate (Immigration)
● Amsterdam City

I want to charge my mobile phone, digital camera, or video camera

You can charge the battery pack (lithium-ion battery) of mobile phones, digital cameras, and video cameras. (Paid)
* Some models cannot be supported.

Price 30 minutes / 200 yen
Location Welcome Gate (Immigration), Central Information Center, Attraction Town Multipurpose Restroom (Next to Cheese Waag), Free Rest Area (Outside of the park), Harbor Town Bus Stop

Mobile battery (rental)

Introduced mobile battery sharing "ChargeSPOT" station.
Available for rent via Dedicated app or, ChargeSPOT LINE official accountThe stations are located throughout the park.
Click here for details on how to register
* When returning the mobile battery, search for the nearest battery station nationwide using the app or LINE, and insert the mobile battery into the empty slot to complete the return.
*Some models may not be compatible. Please see below for details.

Price (tax included) *Please check the urental fees below.
Location Welcome Gate (Entrance), Hotel Rotterdam, Attraction Town multipurpose toilet (next to Cheese Waag), Fantasia City of Light (Space Fantasia exit), Hotel Amsterdam, Central Information, Domtoren (near the elevator), Hotel Europe, Harbor Town bus stop, Hotel The Hague

Being refreshed your mind and body

We provide healing treatments tailored to the needs of our guests, such as relaxation massages to soothe the bodies of those tired from walking around the park. 

Name Minamikaze Orthopedic Clinic
Price [manipulative menu]
10 minutes ¥1,000
20 minutes ¥2,000
30 minutes ¥2,800
Location In front of Departure Gate (Exit of the park)
Remarks ※handling various insurance/traffic accident . 
※Advance reservations:0956-27-0374 (Japanese only)

 Huis Ten Bosch voice navigation

With the audio navigation, you can learn origin of   Huis Ten Bosch and its buildings

Pet boarding facility

Located at Welcome area (outside park) , DOGBOX offers a pet boarding service (advance reservation required).


A host crew will be present to take care of your pet until Huis Ten Bosch time.

DOGBOX PET HOTEL offers  from short stay to long- term boarding service at your convenience. 
We will asked for health checkups and vaccination status, and will be taken care of after discussing about meals and walks during stay.
We also recommend that you bring pet's favorite toys and scented blankets for those who are uneasy due to changes in the environment.

Accommodation Temporary custody
Suite (~ 70kg) 6,000 yen 1 time (1 animal): 650 yen
Double (~ 20kg) 5,000 yen
Semi-double (~ 10kg) 4,500 yen
Single (~ 5kg) 4,000yen
  • * Accommodation fee includes morning and evening walks
  • * The short stay fee will not exceed the accommodation fee.
  • Advance reservations and health checks are required. (In case of any concerns regarding health status, we will decline the reservation) possible to keep it depending on your health condition)
  • At the pet hotel, you will be asked to present a vaccination certificate.
  • Accepted only dogs and cats who have been treated fleas and ticks prevention.
  • Meals can be prepared (for a fee) at thefacility, but it is recommended to bring their regular meals deviding into small portions.
  • As a general rule, we cannot accept puppies under 3 months old, elderly dogs over 12 years old, dogs under poor conditions and pregnent dogs.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • In addition, we may decline your request at our discretion. 

Reservation / Inquiries

Outside the Welcome Gate (Immigration) DOGBOX Huis Huis Ten Bosch store
Tel: 0956-27-0287 Opening Times: During Huis Ten Bosch Opening Times

Car Rental 

 Toyota Car Rental Counter is located in Welcome area. 

Name Toyota Rent-A- Car Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch
Service contents There is a Toyota Rent-a-Car office inside the Welcome Gate (entrance).
Opening Times: 9:00-18:00
TEL: 0956-27-1200
Online reservation: http://www.toyota.co.jp/rent
Location  Welcome Area

Regarding credit card, electronic money and QR code payments

All major credit cards, electronic money and QR code payments can be used to purchase tickets, and at restaurants, Shop and hotels within Huis Ten Bosch.
(Some facilities may not be available.)

I want to charge an electric car

Name Electric car charger
Service contents 2 regular chargers
*Charging fee will be charged. Free parking.
Location Outside Huis Ten Bosch
In front of the taxi stand