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In addition to admission tickets, Huis Ten Bosch offers viewing tickets that are only available on certain days.
Please choose a ticket based on how you want to enjoy the park and the length of your stay.

Ticket typesABOUT

You can enjoy a variety of park experiences by combining the passport (Park Ticket) required for admission and facility use with tickets tailored to your preferences.

(Park Ticket)

You can enjoy all Attractions, the convenient on-site buses and Canal Cruiser for transportation, limited-time events and shows, and the art museum*.

  • * Some exhibitions may require a fee.


You can choose from 1DAY, After 3DAY, 1.5DAY, and 2DAY.

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Annual Pass

Admission is available all year round
(Excluding some special days)

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Optional Tickets

This optional ticket will enhance your park experience by including special fireworks viewing seats, show viewing seats, paid seats at the Grand Opera House, and events only available on certain days.

Special fireworks bleachers

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Paid seating for shows

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Paid seats at the Grand Opera House

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Special performance by the opera company

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Premium Ticket

This ticket will give you an elevated park experience, including shorter time for popular Attractions, priority access to restaurants, invitation to paid seats at the Huis Ten Bosch Bosch Opera House, and access to exclusive lounges*.

  • * Some exhibitions may require a fee.

royal 6

This ticket includes priority access to six Attractions, restaurants, shows, and a private lounge.

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Standard 3

This ticket allows you priority access to three Attractions and restaurants.

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Advance purchase WEB TICKET

If you are planning to visit, we recommend purchasing tickets online, where available tickets are displayed by date.


Refunds and reissues

Please kindly note that refund cannot be made after issuing the ticket or re-issue it if it is lost. Kindly ask for your understanding.