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"Three Worlds", 1955, lithograph

Period 1

2024.7/15 Mon. → 8/20 Tue.

Period 2

2024.11/16 Sat.2025.1/6 Mon.

Period 3

2025.1/11 Sat. → 3/2 Sun.

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venue: K-20 Palace Huis Ten Bosch

Why not explore the fascinating works of Escher through the collection at Huis Ten Bosch?

Maurits Cornelius Escher is one of the leading printmakers in the Netherlands in the 20th century. His work is loved around the world for its unique worldview and solid technical ability. This exhibition will provide an overview of Escher's work, divided into themes, from his early period to his later years. It will also look at the Dutch culture and historical background that gave birth to him, and reveal more about him than just his optical illusions and mysterious expressions.

A comprehensive introduction to works from his early to later years

Featured work

*Artworks will be replaced each session.

Please see the list below for upcoming exhibitions

"Waterfall" 1961 Lithograph

Soberia (Corsica)
1928 Drawing

Day and Night, 1938, woodblock print, two-tone

Grasshopper, 1935, wood engraving

Here is a list of the exhibited works

From Dutch history and culture
Discover the secrets of Escher and his works!

Dutch collection

Landscape with Travelers, 1645
Salomon van Ruisdael, oil on canvas

Musicians Performing at a Door-to-Door Performance, 1635
Rembrandt Harmenszt van Rijn copperplate

Self-Portrait, 1943, scratch drawing

MC Escher


Dutch printmaker. With outstanding descriptive power and printmaking skills, he is also known as a "fantastic printmaker" and a "visual magician." He is famous for his later deception paintings and the style of repeating the same motif, but his works such as prints depicting landscapes and illustrations of books are also spectacular, and many exhibitions are held as popular artists in Japan.

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Event Outline

Venue Huis Ten Bosch Museum (In Palace Huis Ten Bosch) K-20
Time 10:00-18:00 (last entry 17:30)
* Opening Times may change. Please check here for details.
*Closed from January 7 to January 10
Price Passport target facility
* We do not sell single admission ticket for Palace Huis Ten Bosch.
Organizer Huis Ten Bosch
Sponsorship Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Nagasaki Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefectural Board of Education, Saga Prefecture, Saga Prefectural Board of Education, Sasebo City, Sasebo City Board of Education

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