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Everything is covered by lights...
Special lights illuminate your special summer night.

5/29 sat~6/27 sun

With glittering illuminations
   under the theme of Seasonal flowers 
Romantic world

Waterfall of lights

The 66m wide waterfall of light that flows down from the night sky to the vast Art Garden
Colorful flowers fall like a flower shower.
Location: Art Garden

3Dプロジェクションマッピング~Open the spring gate~


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Water magic

Japan's longest 85m! The music x light x fountain show on the canal is mind-blowing! A powerful water entertainment show where the fountain of light moves to the music!
Location: Canals around Flower Road

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Umbrella Street

The arcade with about 700 umbrellas and sparkling lights spreading overhead is very fantastic. Don't miss the show where the light flutters along with the summer music! 
Location: Attraction Town

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Fantasia of Lights


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Light & Fountain Canal

When the Canal Cruiser arrives in this normally quiet place, it's time to start the show. Rainbow-colored illuminations decorate the canal. Colorful fountain. Don't miss the colorful and happy show of light and water.
Location: Canal between Amsterdam City and Art Garden

Light & Fountain Canal

ForeverEverlasting loveのアーチ

An arch of light surrounds the palace gardens. Drops of light fall from overhead, gently wrapping the two shoulders together. There is a legend that if you hold hands and cross this arch, you will be connected with eternal love...
Location: Palace Huis Ten Bosch

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