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Enjoy at the on-site restaurant Sake
Plum wine
Special feature on comparing 3 types of drinks

Each store where you can enjoy Japanese food
Carefully select the sake that goes well with the food
We offer a course where you can compare 3 types of drinks.
Please enjoy it with the restaurant's specialty dishes.

*We may stop offering due to lack of items.
Please ask the staff of each store on the day.

A Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy dishes made with delicious local Nagasaki ingredients. The "Nagasaki Wagyu Sanmai Zen", which can be enjoyed in four ways with one set, is popular. Please fully enjoy the deliciousness of Nagasaki.

I-8 Harbor Town

Comparison of drinking 3 types of sake

800 yen (30 ml each)

Nagasaki Prefecture Umegaeda Kinsen
Elegant and mellow mouthfeel, with a refreshing aftertaste and a crisp taste that you won't get tired of drinking.
■ Umegaeda Sake Brewery
Nagasaki Prefecture Honjin Junmai Sake
The fragrance is mild and you can feel the original taste and plumpness of rice.
■ Submarine Sake Brewery
Nagasaki Prefecture Fukuzuru Junmai Ginjo
Pure rice ginjo made only from rice. The clean mouth goes well with any dish.
■ Fukuda Sake Brewery

Recommended menu that goes well with sake
Grilled mentaiko

Enjoy the popular mentaiko "Hakata Ago Otoshi", which is delicious enough to drop your chin. Perfect to accompany sake.
* Provided after 17:00

Comparison of drinking 3 types of shochu

500 yen (20 ml each)

Nagasaki Prefecture Iki Super Gold
Full-scale shochu made by storing and aging barley shochu Iki in white oak barrels.
■ Genkai Shuzo
Nagasaki Cox
A refreshing taste in the sweet scent of sweet potatoes produced in Nagasaki Prefecture.
■ Fukuda Sake Brewery
Nagasaki Prefecture Asahi Saikai
It has a rich taste even in a refreshing throat.
■ Fukuda Sake Brewery

Recommended menu that goes well with shochu
Nanban pickles of local fish

Nanban pickled red sea bream in Nagasaki. Excellent sweetness and acidity go well with shochu.
* Provided after 17:00

Comparison of drinking 3 types of plum wine

800 yen (20 ml each)

Wakayama Prefecture Flower feeling plum wine
Crushing strawberries
Uses the juice of the top domestic strawberry brand "Tochiotome". The result is a sweet and sour strawberry plum wine with the gentle acidity of plum wine and a slightly sweet aroma.
■ Higashi Farm
Wakayama Prefecture Flower feeling plum wine
Adorable peach
Kishu Umeshu Umeshu is a popular plum wine that spreads the scent and sweetness of peaches, which is a blend of mellow plum wine made from ripe fruits of plums and peach juice from Wakayama prefecture.
■ Higashi Farm
Wakayama Prefecture Flower feeling plum wine
Fragrant rose
It is the world's first luxurious liquor that contains the scent of fresh flowers of Rosa damassena cultivated at its own farm in Nanki Shirahama.
■ Higashi Farm

Recommended menu that goes well with plum wine
Nagasaki specialty shrimp

Nagasaki's famous shrimp toast with shrimp surimi sandwiched between breads. Please enjoy plum wine with a crispy texture.
* Provided after 17:00

Huis Ten Bosch limited label

Kagoshima prefecture
Maihime in Izumi

A blend of white and black jiuqu.
Imo-jochu with a pleasant scent, good throat, and a refreshing taste.
○ Izumi Sake Brewery

You can enjoy it at both Hananoya and Uoichi.

Recommended menu
Nagasaki specialty pork kakuni

Homemade pork kakuni that has been thoroughly soaked in flavor and has a soft finish with plenty of umami.
* Provided after 17:00

Recommended menu
Horse mackerel croquette

Enjoy the unique aroma and umami of Imo Shochu with the croquette of horse mackerel and fluffy texture.
* Provided after 17:00