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Get excited by the Orange World! 

Kings Week

4/27 (Sat) - 5/6 (Mon/Holiday)

With the theme of King's Day, the Netherlands' biggest festival celebrating the King's birthday, shows, fireworks, and the townscape are all colored in orange.

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Fun music and a vibrant and powerful performance

marching band
Festival 2024

4/27 (Sat) - 4/29 (Mon, Holiday)
5/3 (Fri) - 5/6 (Mon, Holiday)

Location: Water Garden
Event space (outdoors) planned
*In case of rain, the venue will Tower City Plaza (indoors)
-Scheduled departure time for the parade-
[1st] 10:50 [2nd] 13:50

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Sponsored by
Nagasaki Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefectural Board of Education, Sasebo City, Sasebo City Board of Education

Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd.

Being completely enamored by the Million Roses.

One-Million Rose Festival

4/27 (Sat) - 5/26 (Sun)

With the spectacular view of roses, live music, and wines, spend gorgeous and blissful time.

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In the new area of Water Garden,
enjoy Japan's largest musical fountain show!

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 Enchanted by Miffy's cuteness!

City of Flowers
Miffy Celebration

3/15 (Friday) - 6/30 (Sunday)

The entire park will be filled with Miffy's cuteness, with a parade featuring Miffy, limited edition merchandise, and cute gourmet food.

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Get excited by the overwhelming sense of realism!

Mission Deep Sea
Xsense Ride

A new sensation thrill Attractions where you take on a desperate rescue mission in the ultra-deep sea!

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There are many other Attractions that everyone can enjoy all day long. 

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Impressed by dazzling illumination.

City of Light

A world-class spectacular view of lights.
The illumination that changes its theme by the season.

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Enjoy the park until at night. Official hotels are right in front of you!
If you wish to enjoy the Golden Week to the fullest, stay at our officla hotels!

Even if we play until night
The hotel is right in front of you!
Enjoy Golden Week to the fullest
If you enjoy it
On-site hotels are recommended

Recommended for families

The whole family can stay togetherin the same unit.

Forest Villa

The lakeside Cottages where you can relax and spend quality time with your family and friends.

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Recommended for the girls' trip

Make your dream hotel stay come true

Hotel Amsterdam

Located on the heart of Huis Ten Bosch, this charming park hotel is full of excitement.

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Hotel Europe

Luxury hotel in Huis Ten Bosch with a prestigious European classical atmoshere, gorgeous flower presentation and fine dining.

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Hotel Den Haag

An oceanfront hotel with beautiful views. Spend quality time with your loved ones. 

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Hotel Rotterdam

A casual hotel where you can enjoy modern art and playfulness.

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