Important Notices

August 24, 2021

About new coronavirus infection of staff



Work departmentPositive judgment dateOperation status of the facilityPresence or absence of close contacts in the park
Employee 1 Bahamut Disco 8月23日(月) 当該スタッフ勤務箇所は消毒を実施済。現在臨時休館中。 Not specified
従業員2 DE ADMIRAAL 8月23日(月) 当該スタッフ勤務箇所は消毒を実施済。25日(水)ランチより営業再開いたします。 Not specified

To protect your privacy, we will refrain from disclosing your personal name.

All of the staff wore masks during work to thoroughly prevent infection by washing hands and disinfecting hands.
We will continue guests and employees, and will continue to cooperate with related organizations such as health centers and local governments to take further necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection.
We sincerely apologize for causing great concern to our guests