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"I want to say that the food here is amazing" Pick Up Hito Matsumoto Takaki Matsumoto Japanese Cuisine Kissuitei Chef

A technique to call customers who are looking for food from Hokkaido. The ability to take charge of the meal of His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince. Takaki Matsumoto, chef of Kissuitei. Huis Ten Bosch is the driving force behind the excitement of the restaurant, which has been evaluated by all over the country as having a famous Japanese restaurant.

The origin of Japanese cuisine is Kyoto cuisine

How can this kind of taste be created? How do you get this kind of texture? While receiving the shrimp potato tofu, it is neither spicy nor sweet, but the dashi stock does not come out, and I feel that the texture of the shrimp potato and tofu is firmly conveyed to the tip of my tongue.

I see, are the customers who come from Hokkaido fascinated by this taste, or are the customers who come from Tokyo to show their faces for this taste?

Kissuitei. Authentic Japanese cuisine was born in 2007 at Hotel Europe It is chef Takaki Matsumoto who gives the board. Born in Kagoshima prefecture, I decided to become a chef since I was in elementary school. After that, I trained at a cooking inn and a restaurant in the city.

“Kyoto cuisine is the origin of Japanese cuisine. It is probably characterized by light seasoning to bring out the flavor of the ingredients,” says Chef Matsumoto. Well, if it's just thin, it's not so, but the dashi stock is working well, and the umami is born and makes you feel delicious.

"Dashi is important. However, there are various ways to take it, such as bonito and bonito, depending on the dish. Experience is required, so it is impossible to remove the soup stock for a few years." By the way, it seems that it takes another 5 to 6 years to prepare the soup stock, and it takes 15 years even for an early person to become a full-fledged person.

Big turning point

Such a harsh world. time, I would always study with cooking books, and I was blessed with a lot of good seniors. Chef Matsumoto trained relatively smoothly and became the chef of a small hotel in Kyoto in his mid-30s. However, this is a major turning point.

"Customers often said that the taste was delicious and the presentation was beautiful, but one day I noticed that they didn't say any more."

Something is missing. I finally realized that "cooking is the heart".
"Technology alone is not enough. The taste changes with your heart."
Then. I carefully selected the dishes according to the dishes and started to stick to them by serving them. For this sashimi, the warmth of the pottery is better than the hardness of the porcelain, and the treatment of the perilla leaves is good at this angle, so I conveyed the heart that I put into the dish with careful consideration for each item.
If you think about it, you may have experienced "cooking is the heart" when you were in elementary school.
"My mother was working, so I was cooking food for my grandfather who lived with me. He was happy."
I'm an elementary school student, so I don't have the skills. But I was pleased because I was loving. In the long run, the technology has been gained. But there was something I had lost.

The dish of Chef Matsumoto, who added the secret taste of "heart" to his side and increased the amount of garbage. The evaluation of the taste became much higher, and Huis Ten Bosch, who heard the rumors, begged the central staff to launch Kissuitei The taste has been well received since the store opened, and in 2009, the Imperial Household Agency entrusted the meals of His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince.

Collaboration between Nagasaki fish and Kissuitei

Nagasaki's seafood is highly praised by the chef who has such a chef's life. "I think it's the best in Japan. Grunt, mackerel, horse mackerel, conger eel ... It may be related to ocean currents and abundant food, but both high-class fish and popular fish are tight and delicious.

Also, the spiny lobster is amazing. I've never thought that spiny lobster was delicious, but the one in Nagasaki was sweet and renewed my perception. "
Encounter with the finest materials and sharpened techniques. Sashimi, grilled foods, and simmered dishes have made the tongue of gourmets roar.
"I received a lot of praise from an actress who ate conger eel sushi. He runs a sushi restaurant as a side business, but he said that we couldn't do it."
The reason I made him say that was that he sandwiched the conger eel between the eels. The seasoning is modest, but the umami of the conger eel rises sharply by making it two steps.
Even so, the exquisite sweetness. Boiled conger eels tend to have a sweet sauce, but the goodness of the material is brought out by suppressing it at the last minute. And I'm plump. It can be said that this is a wonderful collaboration between the sea of Nagasaki and Kissuitei

Also, I would like to pay attention to desserts. For example, pumpkin pudding. The fineness of the work. A rabbit is drawn on the pudding with white yokan, and fried somen noodles express the pampas grass. The black honey jelly adds an accent of taste and color to it. The slight sweetness gently wraps the stomach full of satisfaction.
This is what the impression of food is. I get stuck in the chef's operation and want to see his face. Or you want to say "it was delicious" to the shop staff. And then I went to the store again.

"I think it's because I was taught my heart in my mid-30s. There are some Hokkaido customers who always stay for 3 nights and 4 days and come to enjoy my food. Thank you."
Having said that, while still having aspirations that I am not first-class, I am eager to firmly inherit the culture of cooking and convey it to my disciples. Furthermore, we are always passionate about delivering emotions to our customers and wanting more people to evaluate Huis Ten Bosch as Kissuitei. With such passion in mind, Chef Matsumoto's challenge continues today.


Takaki Matsumoto (Matsumoto Kouki)

Born in Kagoshima prefecture in 1968. Entered the path of Japanese cuisine at the long-established restaurant Minokichi Main Store Takeshirou in Kyoto City, and then trained and served as chef at a restaurant, restaurant, hotel, etc. in the city. In 2007, joined Huis Ten Bosch to prepare for the opening Kissuitei Active as a chef. In 2009, he was also in charge of dining for the Crown Prince.

Guidance to disciples

"Once upon a time, I was told to look at the technique and remember it by mistake. Cooking is a culture, so I want to teach it in words and inherit it. It's the atmosphere of our kitchen, so it's bright."

Japanese Cuisine Kissuitei

Japanese Cuisine Kissuitei

Kissuitei serves authentic Japanese cuisine with the rich seafood and mountain food of Nagasaki. Huis Ten Bosch, it is modern and eclectic everywhere.
In addition to spacious table seats, Western-style private rooms and Japanese-style rooms are available. It can be used for dinner with close friends, meetings and celebrations.

location Hotel Europe
time 11:30~14:00
Number of seats 40 seats at the table
Western private room 16 seats x 2 rooms
(Maximum 32 seats available)
Japanese private room 6 seats x 2 rooms
(Maximum 16 seats available)

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