It will end on 8/31

" Golden Hall "so Golden experience!

Part 1

For your good luck!​ / "Golden room"

A space where the floor, walls, and ceiling all covered with golden shine! The walls and ceiling are directly pasted by craftsmen with 24K gold leaf.

Part 2

Can you ​ actually lift it up!? / Heavy "gold bar"

A golden pyramid sits in the center of the room. 60 million yen for each bar You can actually touch it and try to lift it up here!

Part 3

\Japan's largest exhibition volume! / Manyartifacts made of pure gold

There are more than 100 of gold artifacts including gold coins, Eto(chinese astrological calendar), and Buddhist altar! A golden Pegasus  height of 162 cm

Now your room is also Golden Town!
Including the items on display
We sell more than 60 "gold crafts"!

Location at Palace Huis Ten Bosch 2nd floor
Time required 10 minutes
Price Eligible to Admission Ticket Holders
Remarks wheelchairs unavailable