In order to support Ukraine, we will donate a part of the sales obtained from the CD sales of Ukrainian casts who are active in the venue to the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan.
At Huis Ten Bosch, two Ukrainian cast members are active on the stage. The male vocal unit "Maximum" continues to stand on the stage, sometimes showing songs with the message of "peace", considering the relatives and friends who remain in their home countries.
As the situation in Ukraine became tense, we planned it as an option to support the cast and support guests.

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Sales period From Monday, May 23, 2022
Sales content ・Maximum original CD “MAXIMUM” (Price: 2,000 yen *tax included)
・Sasha original CD “Sasha” (Price: 2,000 yen *tax included)
How to buy ①Official online shopping site “Castle of Shopping”
support Donate a part of the sales obtained from CD sales to the Ukrainian Embassy in Japan

Ukrainian cast


A vocal unit of two men who have been active in Huis Ten Bosch since 2014. With overwhelming singing ability and harmony, he performed various songs such as barat, pop and rock.
[Place] Amsterdam Square Stage
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A guitarist with outstanding taste and technique who delivers music of various genres such as POP, classical, and rock.
[Viewing] Free