RITSUKO NISHIZAWA photo exhibition

me time
my own traveling time with colors

5/22 Sat.-6/28 Mon.

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Ritsuko Nishizawa, a photographer who travels the world based in Nagasaki.
Approximately 200 works of flowers, gardens, nature, etc. taken by her in various places are exhibited.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy a luxurious moment full of color and light.

Photo Gallery

Yes, something fun.
Find it by yourself.
It doesn't have to be special.
Take care of your own mood.
Scandinavian people who have a culture called "fika",
I feel like they are the master of "me time".

From the photo book "me time"

<Location> Sweden, France, Canada, Croatia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, NZ, Netherlands, Japan

Ritsuko Nishizawa

Born in Chiba in 1965 and grown up in Nagasaki. Photographer. Moved to Canada as she was fascinated by the country, where she had stayed for training in the 18th year of a junior high school teacher. Started working as a photographer and writer at the age of 42. After living in Canada for 5 years, she returned to Japan in 2010. Taking pictures of the world based in her hometown of Nagasaki. A member of the Nagasaki Prefecture of Beautiful Landscape Form ation Council. Recent work Scandinavian photo essay "me time". The fourth exhibition at the Huis Ten Bosch


Venue Huis Ten Bosch Museum (at Palace Huis Ten Bosch
time 9:00 to 18:00 (last reception 17:30)
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Sponsorship Nagasaki Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefectural Board of Education, Saga Prefecture, Sasebo City, Sasebo City Board of Education

exhibition hall
Palace Huis Ten Bosch

The exterior of the palace, built in the Hague Forest in the 17th century and now home to King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, has been faithfully recreation with special permission from the Dutch royal family.

Phantom garden
A "phantom" garden designed by a French landscape architect in the 18th century, but with drawings that could not be realized.

Phantom garden
A "phantom" garden designed by a French landscape architect in the 18th century, but with drawings that could not be realized.

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