The stage is all about Huis Ten Bosch!!
  The city-walking mystery-solving game!!



This is "Mystery - Solving Detective Agency"
 in Huis Ten Bosch.
Under Detective Tenboss who has solved many difficult cases.
By chance, 
you have become an assistant.
And today there are many mysterious requests

Game features

Everything about Huis Ten Bosch
 is the stage.

This is a game to solve the mystery of walking around the city, using Huis Ten Bosch, one of the largest theme parks in Japan.

A Retro European worldview.

You can feel like the main character of a mystery novel in the streets of Europe.

Interlaced story.

As you solve the mystery, the story diverges in various ways, and developments that are not straightforward are waiting for you.

You can choose the difficulty level.

Since there are requests (courses) of various difficulty levels, you can enjoy a wide range of things from beginners to fans who solve mysteries.

7 RequestCourse

Fledgling Detective Course

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Mid-Level Detective Course

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Great Detective Course

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Hotel Detective Course [Sold out]

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Home Detective Course I

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Home Detective Course II

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Home Detective Course III

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Challenge letter from Detective Tenboss

Can you solve this mystery?

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Let's see only the part where the line is missing!

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Imagine a Japanese syllabary!

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Correct answer

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Kanji with 4 strokes!

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Let's read the illustration!

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Ten Boss

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What can you take with?

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Sosaku (search)

Voice Actor Cast

Jun Fukuyama as Detective Tenboss

・ Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion (Lelouch)
・ Nurarihyon no Mago (Rikuo Nura)
・ Blue Exorcist (Yukio Okumura)
・ The Seven Deadly Sins (King)
・ Assassination Classroom (Korosensei)
・ Mr. Osomatsu (Ichimatsu Matsuno)

Serina Nagano (former Idoling !!! No. 13) asMiranda

・ Pop Team Epic
・ Fast Layne (Zora)
・ Boss Baby (Peg)
・ Lethal Weapon

* The cast of voice actors will only appear in the promotional movie, a part of the movie at the start of the opening game of Episode 01-03.

Overview Information

Fee / Passport target
(Excluding hotel detective course and home detective course)
Location / Attraction Town
Planning and production /