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『Is it a phantom thief who causes a ruckus in Amsterdam City?
A devastated jewelry store, nothing was stolen! 』

It seems that the phantom thief who is rumored to be in the streets still decorates the front page of the newspaper today.

Detective Tenboss drinks his favorite tropical lemon tea
while reading the newspaper. You are the assistant of Tenboss,
you are looking at the situation boringly.

A visitor arrives under Tenboss, who spends the same afternoon at the detective agency.
Dominique, a millionaire living in Amsterdam City,
He told Detective Tenboss,

"I want you to decipher the map left by my grandfather
and get the treasure. "

It's a treasure hunt! Looks interesting! Tenboss accepts requests with excitement.
 You were delighted that you were finally free from boredom.
 However, this was the beginning of the incident.


Detective agency member



Yourself. By chance, you have become an assistant to Detective Tenboss. You will solve difficult cases with Tenboss.

Detective Tenboss

Detective Tenboss

A detective specializing in solving mysteries with a detective agency in the kingdom. He has a genius inspiration and insight to solve numerous requests.



An informant used by Tenboss. To protect its confidentiality, she tells the information as a mystery.




A millionaire in Amsterdam City. He visited Tenboss to solve the mystery of the treasure map left by his grandfather.

 RequestCourse  Features

Fledgling detective course

  • Recommended for those who are new to the mystery -solving game!
  • Families with elementary school students can also enjoy!
  • Easy to enjoy while playing in the park!
Time required
About 1 to 2 time
Tour type
Mystery solving kit

* You will need your smartphone to use the hints for this course.

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