What kind of facility is "Mysterious Kingdom With Detective Tenboss?
Set in the entire Huis Ten Bosch theme park, which is the largest theme park in Japan, this is a walk rally type attraction where you can solve the mystery while finding clues hidden in the venue.
Can I enjoy it with a passport?
You can enjoy the fledgling detective course, the mid-career detective course, and the great detective course with your passport. The hotel detective course requires a reservation for a private accommodation plan in advance.  Book a private accommodation plan The home detective course is sold as goods at the "Mystery Solving Detective Agency" in the attraction town and the Huis Ten Bosch mail order site. ハウステンボス通販サイト
What kind of person is Detective Tenboss?
People hear rumors of a famous detective and Tenboss receives a lot of various requests. Tenboss is busy investigating and reasoning and is away from the agency, but why not take a look at Tenboss's desks and detective tools? He is so busy that he wants even the help of a cat, so he is looking for an excellent assistant.
All courses are recommended for elementary school students and above. Elementary school students should solve with adults.
How long does it take?
There are individual differences, but please use the following as a guide.
・ Fledgling detective course / 1-2 time
・ Mid-career detective course / 2-3 time
・ Great detective course / 1-2 days
・ Hotel detective course / 2-3 time
・ Home detective course I-III / 1-2 time
Depending on the course, you will have to walk a lot in the hall, so please enjoy playing while enjoying breaks, meals, shopping, etc. on the way.
There is a "mystery solving detective agency" in the Attraction Town. Please complete the reception here and start solving the mystery. The home detective course sells kits in the same office. Please make a reservation in advance for the Hotel Detective Course and check in at Hotel Amsterdam.
You can enjoy solving the mystery while staying at the hotel. A reservation for the exclusive plan of Hotel Amsterdam.
一部園内での謎解きもありますので、営業時間の関係上、15-16時にチェックインを推奨いたします。 謎解きには、ご自身のスマートフォンとLINEアプリのダウンロードが必要です。なお、本プランはおうち探偵コースがセットで含まれており、Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲのいずれか1つをお選びいただけます。
It can be purchased as goods (1000 yen including tax) and can be solved at home or a hotel regardless of the Huis Ten Bosch. ハウステンボス通販サイトYou can buy it at "Mystery Solving Detective Agency" in the Attraction Town. You can also enjoy solving the mystery using the kit and LINE. To solve the mystery, you need your smartphone to download the LINE app.
You can see the hints on the LINE app. You need your smartphone to download the LINE app.
We will give you an ending sheet with the ending of the story and a game clear card. A sense of accomplishment as a detective assistant who solved difficult requests to the end, Huis Ten Bosch time shared with your family, friends and lover is the best prize.
Shooting and recording are possible. However, in addition to videos and images on the Internet, disclosure of spoiler information is strictly prohibited.
Do you have Opening Times?
Fledgling detective course, Mid-career detective course, and Great detective course are based on Opening Times of the "Mystery Solving Detective Agency" in the Attraction Town.
Each course ends by reporting to the detective agency at the end. Please note that we will be closed outside business hours.
Check-in is recommended for the Hotel Detective Course between 3 pm and 4 pm. There is a mystery solution using a part of the park, so please join with time to spare. The home detective course is a solving souvenir-type mysteries, so you can enjoy it regardless of business hours.
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